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So this full moon we are right on the dime with the theme - very much charging forward with new ways of being on new trails we are carving out.

And of course if you've done that sort of work, it can be a bit of an up and down. It's a LOT of leaping without a net and really working on trust. And beyond trust, insistence. Insisting on wellness. Insisting on success. Insisting on growth. It doesn't mean it's smooth, and it's often looking failure in the face and knowing it doesn't necessarily mean anything. 

We have a lot we are excited about and slowly chipping away at, a la the knight of pentacles. And in between, we are eating way too many Cappello's cookies, if that's even possible. Let us know in the comments where you find yourself this Full Moon!

- Blaire + Brit

A note from our in-house Astro expert, Winter Jendayi: 

Our relationship to discipline is illuminated with this Moon, and as we explore our ideas of success, we can see where structure and hard work support us, even if they feel rigid at times.

This Moon is a culmination of hard work that’s paid off. How have your commitments made way for manifested dreams? What achievements are you celebrating and where is your work asking for continued dedication so that more dreams can be materialized?

Grounding your feet upon the soil of your life, feel the foundation beneath you. Disciplined and dedicated work builds a secure and reliable foundation and with stability like this beneath us, we are promised to grow and thrive.

Right now the Moon is granting us with the materials we need to continue building and fulfilling our life’s mission. Although this energy may feel restrictive and serious, trust it provides the framework which will lead you to your greatest success.

Sights, Scents, Foods  +  Gemstones for Capricorn

  • Scents: Woodsy, grounded scents are great for Capricorn moons, so break out the cedarwood, cypress and myrrh again. Add something like sweet orange or ylang ylang to create a complex and deeply satisfying scent. If you live in an area with pine trees, you could even bring in a few pinecones. Basically, bring the woods into your house. 
  • Colors and textiles: Capricorn colors are usually darker, like black or dark blue, but since we’re trying to stay away from moodiness, try brightening it up with neutral or soft colors that are still Cap approved, just not so serious. Think creme, artichoke, dusty blue or a muted rose. Choose fabrics that can transition easily between work and play. Cottons and synthetic blends are great if they’re lightweight but not overly flowy. For your home, surround yourself with cozy fabrics to relax in once you’ve finished up all your hard work.
  • Food: You’re finalizing or have finalized your projects, so why not cook up something to celebrate? Just because this moon has stable, practical energy doesn’t mean you should eschew your fun side. This is the time to show your love to the people you care about, so a celebratory summer cake is great for sharing with others. Not only can you all join each other in sharing your accomplishments, but berry cake is the perfect addition to any midsummer parties or gatherings. Since it’s summer, berries should be in abundance, so it might be worth trying out a refreshing strawberry shortcake, lemon blueberry cake, or something with raspberries, blackberries, red currents- whatever is ripe!
  • Crystals: Smoky quartz is great for grounding and protection, but it also helps get rid of negative emotions that might be popping up right now. Also, since Capricorns are known for being a bit serious and inflexible, that energy could be holding you down a bit. Malachite is a great way to balance these emotions since it encourages flexibility, change, transformation, and eases disgruntled emotions.

Card Spread for Full Moon in Capricorn

Is there anywhere you're feeling oppressed or controlled? And this doesn't necessarily have to be by an external force, this could be an internal force or an old pattern too. Do this spread + see how you can move through it!

1. In what aspect of my life do I create too much tension? Where do I hold onto archaic systems that are oppressive?

2. Why do I feel the need to adhere to these systems or what is my resistance in revising these structures?

3. In what ways can I begin to break down these old, outdated ways of being?

4. What new practices + systems will benefit me as I begin restructuring?

5. Show me a sign/symbol I can use as a reminder when I begin to feel restricted/in my old patterns?